Bringing the Tax Preparation Office to You

Doing your taxes should feel as easy as meeting a friend for coffee. But tax preparation is complex, and in no way is it a do-it-yourself endeavor, and in our fast-paced world, we don’t always have time to meet in-person with a tax advisor.

With Taxoom, you receive professional tax preparation and planning — anytime, anywhere, on-the-go or in the comfort of your own home.

No loopholes. No third parties. Because you deserve to file your tax return with confidence and ease.

Step Inside Our Virtual Office…

Imagine doing your taxes with a tax advisor as convenient and easy as video-chatting with a friend…

Sound too good to be true?

With Taxoom’s virtual tax preparation process, our tax advisors meet one-on-one with you in-real time to calculate, maximize, and process your return, with your security and peace of mind of our utmost priority.

1. Welcome

When you first call in, you will be welcomed and one of our tax professionals will get you onboarded with the process and set up with your secure online portal or instruct you how to mail your information to our secure mailroom.

After going over and answering any questions you may have, we’ll schedule your next virtual meeting with your tax advisor!

2. Onboard

You have the option to upload your tax documents in your secure portal or mail them directly to us.

If you are unable to scan your documents, we have a secure mail-in option. We will send you a link to upload your documents and provide you with a postage paid envelope. Once we receive your documents in our secure mailroom, we’ll scan them for you and mail them back to you.


3. Virtual Meeting

You’ll meet virtually face-to-face with your tax preparer, who will get to know you and go over your personal information and tax goals. Your tax preparer can also provide you with more specific information.

Our team of tax advisors are made up of CPAs, enrolled agents, and other highly qualified tax professionals. After determining the scope of the work, your tax advisor will begin preparing and processing your return.


4. Debrief

Your tax advisor will review your return with you and generate a report that details any missed opportunity items. Before filing, we can offer a referral for retirement plan products and apply them to your return.

Our lead tax advisor will send you an e-filing form for a signature, along with an invoice. We’ll also schedule a free 15-minute strategic planning session for the following year.

Before signing off on your return, our lead tax advisor will review it for accuracy, make necessary adjustments, and coordinate with you and our input team for any missing information.

Experience the best of both worlds.

Meet with a tax advisor virtually and get a professionally prepared return. File confidently with your tax advisor without ever having to leave the couch.